Jules – the diversity celebrant

My story

Ceremonies have always had importance in our lives and are needed now more than ever, so that your intentions, words, and love can create shared memories that last a lifetime.

I am a retired teacher and it was a big part of my life. My mantra has always been ‘the more you learn the less you know’. I taught Physical Education, Art and Design Technology. During my career I was fortunate to be in a management pastoral role, working with young people, adults and families on many of life’s challengies. Rewarding, humbling and taught me so much about the human Spirit in the face of adversity but also shared the laughter and fun side of their experiences and situations.

I am a Spiritual and Holistic healer. A qualified Reiki Grand Master Teacher and work with many other modalities. I established Sheamah Holistic Therapies in the 1990s and  work with amazing people, teach adults, still work with children and been part of their Spiritual growth.

To train and qualify as a celebrant seemed a natural part of my teaching career and Spiritual journey. To share and create special memories for all people, from a place of love and light, is nothing short of magic.

With professionalism and dedication to your wishes, I hope to deliver all ceremonies and rituals on a personal level, by getting to know you and creating meaningful celebration for yourselves and for those present or witness to the occasion.

Using traditional rituals and turning them into something bespoke and more modern can create such meaning for all of those involved.

Ceremonies have always had importance in our lives and are needed now more than ever, so that your intentions, words, and love can create shared memories that last a lifetime.

About Me

I love learning about all aspects of life. I love being around people and in nature. I am a very visual person and enjoy the changing seasons. When I’m not working as a celebrant and at Sheamah Holistic Therapies I enjoy swimming and walking my crazy dogs Toffee and Meg. Fortunately they love water too and a day at a beach is always welcome.  

Life is full of open doors come on in and enjoy the view

I feel very blessed to be around good friends, who are family, a wonderful community of like minded souls.   We come together to share common interests, hobbies and share our thoughts in the knowledge that  our well being is nurtured with love and respect. I love to explore new opportunities and do so with enthusiasm, as I like to get things right.  I love to be creative and make things from nature and paint. A visit to the theatre, or a great science fiction film works for me. Into Disney as well. The magic of story that triumphs over adversity, a dusting of fairy magic, a sprinkle of love and kindness. Finally an ending filled with happiness and all ends well. I am definitely ‘A child at heart’.   

The small yurt at Sheamah Holistic Therapies


Creating ceremonies as unique as you. A day of love and shared memories, designed to stay with you for generations.

marriage crosses all boundaries
United by the sea

Marriage ceremonies

 To be part of the storytelling of a couple’s love, how they met, their experiences and how live’s experiences, divine timings came into play and all of this is shared in a sacred ceremony. It is an honour and a privilege, and is at the heart of what I do.

Allow me to help you tell your story as a couple in an authentic and meaningful way, fully catered to your wishes, to create a unique and joyous occasion that accurately represents you both and the bonds you, as a couple, share in eternal love.

The wonderful part of being a celebrant is getting to the know the couple, key family members, close friends and their part in the couples journey together. 

Even down to the rings, the gifts, precious gems and crystals that are chosen by the couple are highly significant and play their part in the ceremony.

The chosen music, the moods and memories that the sound evokes, the lyrics, those special words that can rekindle every treasured moment in time. Can also smooth any dispute and path the way forgiveness. Then the fun and laughter that shapes memories creates a bond.  

A poem that unites the couple, that bring family and friends together. A poem that draws memories of loved ones no longer with us but are very much part of the marriage between a loving couple.

The vows that are created and said at the ceremony, or even kept secret between them in a treasured box that is exchanged along with the rings and gifts are personal and bound up in deep sense of knowing each other, bound up in love and respect.

Sharing their common interests yet respecting each others personal growth,  coming together to share their experiences and their stories. Based on trust, love and honouring each other.   

A wedding ceremony is unique to the couple. Respecting their cultures, their belief systems, gender and their chosen life together.

To be part of the ceremony is to embrace their wishes, dreams and aspirations. To project themselves authentically with love to family and friends who are present to celebrate and support their union during the ceremony, but to support them through their journey together. 


Renewal of vows

There are many reasons why a couple would want to renew their love but whatever that may be, to be able to declare your love to your partner again, is a special affirmation of your commitment to each other.

Allow me to share your life’s journey, in front of, or with, your chosen tribe, and rekindle the magic of your love in whatever way is important to you both.

Renewal of vows can the form of a formal, traditional wedding ceremony, that mirrors the original. The ceremony can be new and express the journey you have both been on, especially you decided to have children, adopt or have grand children. You may decide you want to add to your ceremony when you renew your vows.

They could be directly involved in the ceremony. Even writing their vows to you as their parents.  

When you renew your vows you are not bound by rules, set scripts or time constraints. 

The venue, location and format of the Ceremony can be as creative as you wish. Through your marriage you both would have had experiences that would have enriched, challenged and marked life time memories. Your marriage would have impacted on as a couple, but as individuals, within the relationship, even impacted o the community, friends and family. You may consider these worth celebrating and sharing as part of your the Renewing Vows Ceremony and celebrations.   


Hand-fasting is a beautiful, symbolic marriage ceremony, or ritual, that was derived from Celtic tradition where your hands are bound together in sacred oath.

Couples using unity rituals are a great way to add an extra layer of meaning to your wedding ceremony before exchanging rings and vows. From lighting candles to layering colors of sand, there’s a wedding ceremony ritual to fit every couple’s style.

One of the most popular options is the handfasting ceremony.

What Is Handfasting?

Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives. While it is most often included in Wiccan or Pagan ceremonies, it has become more mainstream and pops up in both religious and secular vows and readings.

The handfasting ceremony has its roots in ancient Celtic tradition and dates as far back as 7000 B.C. In ancient Ireland, when two people chose to be married, they were brought together to have a braided cord or ribbon tied around their hands in the presence of a priest. The ritual of jumping the broom signified going one life as a single person and moving forward as couple. These rituals acknowledged the pair’s commitment or engagement, which typically ran the length of a year and one day.

As well as physical and symbolic aspect of this ritual, I can help to create a special pledge full of intention, with the help of beautifully spoken words from family and friends, music, poetry , writing vows and exchanging gifts to make this ceremony something that you’ll never forget. Eternally bound in romance, occasion and love. 

Naming ceremony

A naming ceremony has become increasingly popular as a wonderful alternative to a christening. Whether it be a birth of a child, a renaming due to marriage, or an adoption, to celebrate a child’s existence and sense of belonging to their tribe and to this Earth, creates a most magical beginning for them and for you. A naming ceremony can be as interactive as you’d like it to be and is a great way to share your hopes, fears and wishes for the child as they journey through this lifetime secured in love.

To Celebrate the name of your child with friends and family unites and brings people together in love, laughter and celebration. The naming ceremony welcomes a baby or a child into a family of love and security. Families cross cultures, gender and belief systems. It is important to embrace and welcome newcomers into our families, whether birth or adoption. Celebrating extended family members is part of who we are and our communities thrive.

Two people holding hands, returning rings.

Uncoupling ceremonies

Divorce can be a painful and devastating time for all parties involved, however with the help of a tailored and sensitive ceremony, closure can be found to complete your journey as a pair and start a new journey uncoupled. It’s a lovely way to thank each other for all that was created, or shared as a couple and most importantly, to say goodbye.

When a relationship comes to end it can be challenging and painful. Like any separation it can be achieved ,in time, with a mutual understanding of each person’s journey, the times shared and experiences gained along the way. Separation can be viewed as an enriching experiencing and where family members and shared friends are involved, to celebrate this time spent together and accepting a new journey ahead an make this easier as a couple, for friends and family.

Happy to discuss how this could work for you.

Celebration of life

When a precious person and soul passes to spirit, though their physical presence may be gone, their energy is all around us. Having worked as a medium I know the importance and sensitivity needed to honour these people that were so loved by you. Through celebration of their life. In time hurt and pain of their loss are slowly replaced by treasured memories, with your wishes of the ceremony at the forefront of all decisions.

When someone dies, regardless of our faith and beliefs it is painful and even a traumatic experience can last many years. 

This person can leave their mark on a community, a village, as well with friends and family. Their nature of their death can be difficult to come to terms with, people say ‘time is a great healer’. Maybe so but its about being comfortable with your emotions, having the freedom to express them in way that starts your healing process. In time we learn to live with the pain of loss and replace some of emotion with shared laughter and fond memories.

To bring family and friends together to celebrate a life, to reunite with people can evoke and create happy memories and be the start of the healing process.

People can impact on community life, whether it is a street, a village, a community within a city, an organisation. Although the feelings and emotions maybe different the sense of loss is still present and can be displayed in different ways. Celebration can take on many forms, filled with ritual, even down to design of the service, its content. 

As a Celebrant I am here to provide you with a service that matches your needs, the wishes of the person who has died. To guide you gently and allow to see your options with clarity and peace of mind. To steady the journey of the funeral and the life lived  and hopefully start the healing process  with a depth of understanding and knowledge of that person.

Please contact Jules for further support and information.


Funerals are difficult and once the grief has had time to ebb and flow, you may wish to remember your special person that is in spirit, once more. Whether it be an anniversary, birthday or any other reason, we can create a sacred space to remember, share our grief and warm memories and send them eternal love.

Following a funeral of a loved one it may be appropriate to have a memorial service. The time frame is up to you, it could be immediately after the funeral or at a specific time or on a special date significant to the family, friends or an organisation.

The memorial service gives people a chance to pay their respects to the person who has died or remember the impact this person’s life has had on people, the community, the village, extended friends and family. Memorial service can reunite people that have perhaps drifted apart and you feel it is  important to honour their achievements, their legacy.

The venue, the location is up to you, the format and participants are part of your creation. Incorporate your flare, remember that persons hobbies, fund raising events, groups, nature conservation, caring for the humanity and affiliated organisations.