Celebration of life

Through loss we weep, yet coming together in ceremony we share all our emotion taking the first steps to heal

Whatever your belief system or faith, it is important to acknowledge that people leave their physical being but move into a beautiful place filled with light and unconditional love. They may meet family members and friends, where they can share their life experiences from Earth.

As a celebrant, the celebration of life is an important part of the healing process. It’s never about forgetting that person, it’s always about remembering. The memories of that person live within each of us, therefore the sharing of memories between those that are present, are like a jigsaw puzzle, coming together to form a story. The funeral should reflect not only the wishes of the person who died, it should be about the family members and friends in attendance. Simple ideas to create a loving ceremony include a quotes or photo board that people can fill in, planting trees, a wildflower garden of remembrance, commissioning a special plaque or statue, and creating a memory capsule or box. Gathering messages of remembrance from friends and family can also be a touching tribute, especially useful for those who cannot attend.

When someone dies, regardless of our faith and beliefs it is painful and even a traumatic experience that can last many years. To bring family and friends together to celebrate a life, to reunite with people can evoke and create happy memories and be the start of the healing process. As a Celebrant I am here to provide you with a service that matches your needs in this difficult time and steady the journey through this proces of the ceremony, liaising with the funeral director and start healing process together with a depth of empathy, understanding and knowledge of the emotions, the person who has been in your lifes’ and influenced your experiences.

Celebration of Life 

  • The initial meeting to get to know you and discuss your thoughts.
  • To complete a questionnaire to see what works for you both.
  • Creating the Ceremony, rituals, traditions, basic content.
  • Emails, zoom, video links to look at the detail.
  • Finalising your ceremony.
  • Conducting your ceremony.
  • Liaising with the funeral director

Cost from £260:00

Additional costs can include:

  • Liaising with other venue if applicable
  • Additional rituals / ceremonial rituals
  • Additional meetings that involve travel.

The venue and location are equally important and sets the tone and atmosphere for the celebration of a life. The choice is yours, this a chance to explore and make it a magical day, a day filled with memories that start the healing process.