A magical, symbolic marriage ceremony

Hand- fasting   A magical, symbolic marriage ceremony , filled with tradition and ancient ritual. 

Whether it be a simple exchange of vows, sacred gifts or objects, a hand-fasting ceremony is steeped in history, ancient ritual and tradition.. It’s the ideal option for those who feel a marriage license is outdated, for couples wishing to make a promise to each other before getting married or for those who truly want to embrace ancient rituals. Allow me to guide you in creating a moving ceremony surrounded by nature, in sacred circle with Celtic influences, fire, sacred cups, flowers or rings.

The couple will receive a candle, which is lit from my own celebrant candle, signifying new beginnings in their relationship. Within any relationship there are always challenges and by lighting the candle from their ceremony, it can bring them back to the light within.

Couples can jump the broom and cross the threshold from their sacred ring. They can carefully choose which symbolic colour ribbons they’d like to bind with. Every word, detail and movement can have meaning, making this one of the most magical ceremonies to be conducted.

To be part of the storytelling of a couple’s love, how they met, their experiences and how lives’ experiences, divine timings came into play and all of this is shared in a sacred ceremony. It is an honour and a privilege, and is at the heart of what I do.

Allow me to help you tell your story as a couple in an authentic and meaningful way, fully catered to your wishes, to create a unique and joyous occasion that accurately represents you both and the bonds you, as a couple, share in eternal love.

The wonderful part of being a celebrant is getting to the know the couple, key family members, close friends and their part in the couples journey together.

Even down to the rings, the gifts, precious gems and crystals that are chosen by the couple are highly significant and play their part in the ceremony.

The chosen music, the moods and memories that the sound evokes, the lyrics, those special words that can rekindle every treasured moment in time. Can also smooth any dispute and path the way forgiveness. Then the fun and laughter that shapes memories creates a bond.

A poem that unites the couple, that bring family and friends together. A poem that draws memories of loved ones no longer with us but are very much part of the marriage between a loving couple.

The vows that are created and said at the ceremony, or even kept secret between them in a treasured box that is exchanged along with the rings and gifts are personal and bound up in deep sense of knowing each other, bound up in love and respect.

Sharing their common interests yet respecting each other’s personal growth,  coming together to share their experiences and their stories. Based on trust, love and honouring each other.

A wedding ceremony is unique to the couple. Respecting their cultures, their belief systems, gender and their chosen life together.

To be part of the ceremony is to embrace their wishes, dreams and aspirations. To project themselves authentically with love to family and friends who are present to celebrate and support their union during the ceremony, but to support them through their journey together.

Hand-fasting history

Handfasting is a magical, symbolic marriage ceremony, or ritual. It is believed to span several cultures dating back thousands of years. It is widely accepted as being of ancient Celtic origin and a nature-related ritual with a spiritual tradition. It brings together ancient customs from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England.

The true origin of handfasting is unknown, but the typical modern handfasting ceremony is derived from the Celtic tradition, predating Christianity. Most couples in Celtic England could not afford gold rings, like the aristocracy, so they used simple but symbolic handfasting as their marriage ceremony.

 Couples would pledge their intent and love by binding their wrists with strips of coloured fabric torn from old garments, ribbons, or cord from rope to symbolise their union and would then be tied together until midnight. They would often then be escorted to the bedchamber to consummate their union. This part of the ceremony is clearly not necessary in the 21st century, and I have never been asked to stay and carry out this duty!

It was considered that if the couple survived the obstacles of life for the rest of the day, then they would survive in marriage together. In the Scottish Celtic tradition, the binding would be for a year and a day and if after that they still wanted to stay together the handfasting was formally recognised as their wedding ceremony.

 Hands can be joined by crossing them or side by side and the ceremony is used by all types of couples as a lovely addition to their marriages, irrespective of religious belief or cultural traditions.

 In a traditional hand fasting ceremony, which often included wiccan and pagan tradition steeped in gender based symbolism, the use of ribbons, jumping the broom, wands, ceremonial wooden rings are used to join the couple together in marriage. The notion of the ring and the wand symbolises the consummation of the marriage between a man and a woman. In terms of present day, a broader view is accepted that women marry women, men marry men and we are even exploring non-gender based relationships and ceremony.

Hand- fasting   A magical, symbolic marriage ceremony , filled with tradition and ancient ritual. 

  • The initial meeting to get to know you and discuss your thoughts.
  • To complete a questionnaire to see what works for you both.
  • Creating the Ceremony, rituals, traditions, basic content.
  • Emails, zoom, video links to look at the detail.
  • Finalising the your ceremony.
  • Conducting your ceremony.
  • Provide Commemorative Certificate and a copy of your Hand – fasting ceremony.
  • Creating the hand-fasting braid to the couples requirements

Cost from £260:00

Additional costs can include:

  • Writing your vows
  • Assisting with vow writing
  • Additional rituals / ceremonial rituals
  • Attending an official rehearsal
  • Additional meetings that involve travel.

This is your day. A chance to embrace it and be in the moment. Make it your own.

The venue and location are equally important and sets the tone and atmosphere for the wedding celebration. The choice is yours, this a chance to explore your dreams and make it a magical day.

I will be here to guide you through your creative ceremonial canvas.