Renewal of vows

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Celebrate    Tradition    Ritual    Rites of Passage    Create Memories

Anniversaries, should be celebrated. Renewing your vows is a beautiful way to express the love and the life spent together as a couple. To celebrate the highs and lows, the achievements and how life together has evolved together. Renewal of vows is a way of confirming the love and honouring time spent together. You design your celebration, write your vows and exchange gifts that create lasting memories.

Do you wish something could have been different about your original wedding day or maybe you’re wanting to celebrate a significant marriage anniversary? Maybe you’d like to acknowledge that through life’s challenges and changes, you’re still united and strong as a loving couple.

Whatever your reason for wanting to renew your vows, at the core is the desire to share your unconditional love for each other.

Would you like to involve children, family members or friends in the ceremony that couldn’t previously have attended? Could writing unique vows or reciting special poems enhance your day? What music would tell your tale or what special gift or item could symbolise your renewed strength as a couple?

Let’s look back at your story together and find out what has meaning for you both to make the renewal extra special and to reaffirm your love.

Celebrate    Tradition    Ritual    Rites of Passage    Create Memories

Renewal of Vows


  • The initial meeting to get to know you and discuss your thoughts.
  • To complete a questionnaire to see what works for you both.
  • Creating the Ceremony, rituals, traditions, basic content.
  • Emails, zoom, video links to look at the detail.
  • Finalising the your ceremony.
  • Conducting your ceremony.
  • Provide Commemorative Certificate and a copy of your Renewing Vows ceremony.

Cost from £500:00

Additional costs can include:

  • Writing your vows
  • Assisting with vow writing
  • Additional rituals / ceremonial rituals
  • Attending an official rehearsal
  • Additional meetings that involve travel.

This is your day. A chance to embrace it and be in the moment. Make it your own.

The venue and location are equally important and sets the tone and atmosphere for the wedding celebration. The choice is yours, this a chance to explore your dreams and make it a magical day.

I will be here to guide you through your creative ceremonial canvas.