Uncoupling ceremonies

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Divorce or separation within a couple can be very painful and is often grieved like a death, so why shouldn’t we have a ceremony to mark this uncoupling and to be able to mindfully, spiritually and physically close this chapter in their lives?

When two people have lived their lives together and in some cases made children together, it seems only fitting to mark the end of this part of their journey. Honouring their shared time together with respect and forgiveness is a powerful act of recognition that a relationship has reached the end of its cycle through no fault of either party. This approach has many benefits, not just for the couple, but for any children involved, both sides of the family and friends. It allows people to feel comfortable with that separation knowing that it is amicable and respectful. It allows everyone concerned to heal and move forward.

To be able to create a ceremony that enables them both to move forward with open hearts could signify closure and make the healing process much easier. Some ideas include thanking each other for the journey they’ve been on and the lessons they have learnt along the way.

Couples could create a pathway that allows them to leave the uncoupling ceremony separately but in a positive frame of mind, knowing that friendship links can still exist after separation. They could use elements of their marriage ceremony or memory links in a different way to signal the ending of their relationship. There are lots of ideas, but what’s important is obtaining peace and closure for them both in a sensitive way with respect for each other.

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Uncoupling Ceremony


  • The initial meeting to get to know you and discuss your thoughts.
  • To complete a questionnaire to see what works for you both.
  • Creating the Ceremony, rituals, traditions, basic content.
  • Emails, zoom, video links to look at the detail.
  • Finalising the your ceremony.
  • Conducting your ceremony.
  • Provide Commemorative Certificate and a copy of your Renewing Vows ceremony.

Cost from £500:00

Additional costs can include:

  • Writing your vows
  • Assisting with vow writing
  • Additional rituals / ceremonial rituals
  • Attending an official rehearsal
  • Additional meetings that involve travel.

This is your day. A chance to embrace it and be in the moment. Make it your own.

The venue and location are equally important and sets the tone and atmosphere for the wedding celebration. The choice is yours, this a chance to explore your dreams and make it a magical day.

I will be here to guide you through your creative ceremonial canvas.